BFTV 23 – Otter Group Campaign

Get ready to laugh your way through the chaos of the biggest shopping day of the year with Otter Group’s “BLACK FRIDAY TV,” another Lightaholic production! This sale season, we’re flipping the script on traditional Black Friday mayhem and bringing you a hilarious teleshopping parody campaign reminiscent of your favorite Saturday Night Live sketches, shot by Catalin Opritescu. Alongside the executive creative director, Matei Curtasu, we’ve successfully introduced a new concept that perfectly spotlights the products with over-the-top selling humor, seamlessly integrated into a minimalist setting with geometric patterns, clean lines, and bold, angular shapes, all curated by the art director Raluca Bararu. The host promotes shoes suitable for any occasion, from “the perfect shoes to impress your boss” to “running sneakers you’ll never use at the gym.”. Our talented comedian and actor, Doina Teodoru, will have you in stitches as she portrays eccentric salespeople. Join us for a laughter-filled day, and remember, these deals are so ridiculous, they can only be found on “BLACK FRIDAY TV” by Otter Group and Lightaholic Production.

Director: Catalin Opritescu

Creative Director: Matei Curtasu

Art Director: Raluca Bararu

Casting:  Main Cast: Doina Teodoru

               Urbanik Models: Diana Sandu, Arthur

Make-Up: Ruxandra Milea Popa

Hair: Catalin Manolache 

Styling: Florentina Roiciu