The biggest photography studio in Eastern Europe

Bucharest / ROMANIA

August 2020

In August 2020, we opened our studio, the biggest photography studio in Eastern Europe and one of the biggest in Europe.

1500 sqm

of creative space which includes a massive 1100 sqm set (55×20) perfect for any projects or events, a 140 sqm New York Loft gearded up with top-of-the-line equipment, and never the least a make-up and dressing room, thoughtfully designed to cater to your needs and help you look your best on camera.

5.5 meters ceilings

The studios have 5.5 meters ceilings, natural light on both sides (East-West), two cargo elevators, easy access from the airport or any point of the city and will insure you with the highest level facilities for your productions. 



Lightaholic Studio offers flexible and convenient facility spaces for rent, perfect for your media production project. Our 140 m2 loft space includes a 14×10 meter shooting area with a 5.5-meter-high ceiling, complete with a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and living room. You can even change the background to suit your needs. Our facility features sockets with a 200-ampere capacity and an east-west natural light. Whether you need a green screen, a sound booth, a podcast studio, or a meeting room, we have the perfect space for you.



If you need professional equipment for your media production project, look no further than us, Lightaholic Studio.

We offer a wide range of cameras, lights, audio, and accessories for rent at affordable prices.

Whether you need a simple setup or a full-scale studio, we have what you need.