CCC – Welcome To Wonderland

This summer, Mega Mall is turning up the heat with its latest campaign produced by Lightaholic Studios, which encourages you to do everything by your own rules and be your own inspiration. With a focus on bold, individualistic fashion, the campaign encourages shoppers to embrace their unique style and make a statement with their summer wardrobe.And who could help us make this campaign more iconic but our partners, Ford Romania, who made sure we could bring our crazy ideas to life.

The campaign’s visuals feature models sporting an eclectic mix of vibrant colors and daring styles. From neon green and pink ensembles to striking blue and green outfits, the fashion lineup is designed to inspire creativity and confidence. “Dress by Your Own Rules” is all about inclusivity and breaking fashion norms. Whether you prefer classic looks or cutting-edge trends, this campaign celebrates personal expression and the freedom to dress as you please.

But this campaign is more than just fashion; it’s about lifestyle, embracing your true self, and putting a touch of your personality in everything you do. From dressing to spending time with your loved ones, to eating, everything is about YOU, celebrating you, as it should be!


Production: Lightaholic Studios

Director: Lightaholic

DoP: Maria Oprina

Producer: Simona Maican

First AD: Gabi Corneanu

Editor: Robert Alexiu

Social Media: Elena Marin

Styling: Florentina Roiciu

Starring: Bianca Tudor from Urbanik Models 

               Daria from Meka Models

               Rareș Matei from Urbanik Models

Make-up: Tania Cozma

Hair: Moanta Florența from Paint Salon

Gaffer: John Rec

Equipement Rental: Gfstudio

Cars: Ford Romania