Mega Mall Summer Campaign

Do you remember childhood games like ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Red Light Green Light,’ the hits of the 90s, or iconic items like bomber jackets, scrunchies and plaid flannel shirts? Feeling nostalgic yet? This is exactly what the new Mega Mall campaign aims to evoke: the sensation of good times, but with a modern twist, as the new generation embraces the latest trends. The concept is strongly influenced by retrofuturism, with the cast members styled in the finest fashion trends from the 90s, guaranteed to stir feelings of nostalgia for those who grew up in that era. These trends will instantly transport you back to the era of grunge, hip-hop and peak bubblegum pop.

Vibrant colors, stylized elements and bold makeup all come together to create a dynamic image, showcasing the new generation in various scenarios. Everything is in motion, energizing the viewer and getting them ready for a shopping spree all in collaboration with Mega Mall and the expertise of Lightaholic Studios. Everything was brought together by an amazing team, including Creative Director Matei Curtasu and Photographer, Director and Producer Catalin Opritescu.

Director: Catalin Opritescu

Creative Director: Matei Curtasu

DOP: Matei Sopterean

Casting: Urbanik Models: Maria Tapusa, Lin Denisa, Lena A., Arthur Lavergne

               Mandarina Models: Silvia

Gaffer: John Gfstudio

Camera Assistent: Andrei Cristian Vladescu

Make-Up: Ruxandra Milea Popa

Hair: Catalin Manolache

Nails: Endorphin Lab

Styling: Bianca Copuroglu

Production Assistent: Catalin Paun

Editor: Robert Alexiu