Beautiful, strong and independent! There are the key words that lead every woman to success. We all know March is definetly your month, but March 8th is the heart of it all: International Women’s Day. It’s a time to vamp up the praise, and look not just at the leading ladies of our own lives, but at the leading ladies of the world — past, present and future.

On this special day, Marie Claire magazine is taking action by bringing together Internet users from around the world on social media platforms. We can all get involved and in the end, we can help other women gain acces to education and better lives. Statistics are truly dramatic: more than 65 milion girls all over the world can’t go to school.We can change that!

I’m hoping you’ll all join Marie Claire’s cause for womanhood. All you have to do is to send out a tweet or share a photo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with your wish for womankind. Using the hashtag #WomenWishes, write what you hope to see in the future of females. In the photos, use the symbol of this campaign – the W letter in sign language. Remember: one tweet, one wish.

Ladies, be strong and independent!

Your truly,