From the beginning of this year I had a series of misfortunes or let’s say at least unfortunate events, also a lot of hard and exhausting work period. As I’m pretty strong in mind and a fighter, I kept going forward passing over each of them with the conviction that spring would bring the sun on my street. As life gives us always more than we think we can take, Spring brought even bigger challenges in my personal and professional life. But, as they say, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, well I found an even better way and for that. I have a short story for you, of course it’s not going to be my private life since I like to keep it that way, but I think it’s a good example on how you can turn a bad moment into a good one.
I started my spring with a strong cold that kept me locked in my house for almost two weeks with 39 degrees fever and all those “lovely” things that a cold could bring. No matter how many medicines I was taking, the cold was determined to show me that she has her own will. The first days of sun in Bucharest were announcing also an event that I was looking forward to attend, the first launch of a #cider ( the drink of the chevaliers form my childhood stories ) on the Romanian market, the #Strongbow party had a great location and it was just my kind of event, as I consider my self #urbanbynature. Weeeell, the cold did not agreed with my plans and as I was hoping for a great evening, after a day of going around the town to solve different commissions, coming back home the 39 fever was back, so with a strong regret I had to cancel my plans and watch the beautiful sunset of that day from the terrace of my apartment thinking how great could have been to be there. It’s useless to tell you how I felt in the next days when all my Facebook feed was full of pictures from a really cool party with a lot of my friends in them.
As I told you I’m pretty suborned and I don’t accept defeat pretty easy, so I decided that if the faith was against me, I would make my own #goldenhours every day for this year just to feel that great feeling when you have you own quality moment after a hard day. I’m lucky and I have a generous terrace where in the sunny days I prefer to move my office. Since I wasn’t lucky enough to taste #Strongbow directly at the launch in that atmosphere, I went out to the store and got my self some, since I tasted it I only had summer, sunsets, that warm great light ( don’t forget I’m The Lightaholic ) and fun in my mind, then I decided that one of the key ingredients of my #goldenhours this year would imply this golden #apple taste in my mouth. Even Dixie (#dixiethefashioncat), my partner in crime , that if you don’t know yet, you can meet her on my Instagram account seemed to appreciate a great and fun moment playing with the #apples . But enough talking, since I prefer to express myself through my images I would let you guys to see what a great party I missed and how I turned this into my #goldehours. By the way, have you tried #Strongbow? Which one is your favorite flavor?_MG_2292