The One magazine organised on Friday their anniversary party with a very inspired theme: IE Party (La Blouse Roumaine).  A theme that generated so many discussions this year, when it seems that the traditional trend is riding the wave, with everybody trying to take the credit for being the ones who came up with the idea and all the rest are just copycats or some other voices that say that it isn’t cool anymore since it’s so main stream. I wonder what would say Matisse if he was living today or our grand parents? Would they also fight on the credits? Is anybody asking at their breakfast who was first, the egg or the chicken? Nevermind… Beyond everything, I had the surprise of a stilish crowd that respected the dress code and came up with some inspired outfits that i’m sure all the “elitists” would have appreciated if they would have seen it in Vogue Magazine or on the international street style blogs. For all those who follow me, I posted few of the great looks I have seen at the party and that I had time and space to capture.

Congratulations THE ONE! I wish you many numbers from now on and keep up with the good work! You proved that a 100% Romanian fashion product can match the international titles in quality.

Oana Cuzino @ The One Party

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Diana Tofan

Elena Bagescu

Anca Buzea

Mirela Bucovicean


Cameila Lazurean

Natalia Barbu

Ioana Voicu

Bianca & Dana

Couple 1

La Blouse Roumaine

La Blouse Roumaine 1

Lil Bulgac

La Blouse Roumaine 2

IMG 7906_1