Penelope Cruz At Campari Calendar 2013 Launch
The day I got the news that i’m going to shoot Penelope Cruz on the red carpet of the Campari Calendar 2013 launch, everything seemed like a dream to me. Well, dreams come true and it happened! I’m still under the influence of one of my most important days as a photographer and if you’ll ask me tomorrow or in some years from now, I’m sure I’ll tell you the same. From the warmth and glow of Penelope Cruz to the fresh and relaxed photographer of the calendar, Kristian Schuller (which , by the way, has Romanian origins) to the wonderful team that I’ve been here with – Roxana Ciorata (Campari Romania), Malvina Cervenschi, Mirela Bucovicean (Molecule F), Noemi Revnic (Harper’s Bazaar), Robert Ratiu (Beau Monde) and Olimpia Iordan (Meet And Greet Contest Winner) – they all confirmed me that good people bring a lot of positive energy in your life. I have to  thank also to my partners Campari Romania, Canon Romania, F64 and Think Tank Romania. I’ll show you guys more pictures in the following days, now I have to hit the streets to bring you more fresh goodies of Milan Street Style and Street Fashion.