Three years ago, on the afternoon of January 20th, I was lost and with tones of butterflies in my stomach in front of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin tent. Because my flight was delayed, I had 20 minutes until the show started and no idea how to get in. I called Ovidiu Buta, who was trying to explain me how to do it, but my brain was stuck and could not function, in the end he got out from the rehearsal and lead me to the photographers pit with the short but very efficient advice to stay in my little square, don’t start or get in any fight with the other photographers and not to shot the girls while they were changing in the backstage ( I wasn’t going to do it anyway 🙂 ). That being said, I was for the first time to a big fashion show with a brand new set of equipment, with less than fifteen minutes until the start of the show and with a very loud voice in my head that was saying “Now you’re really screwed, you have to get it right!”. Once the lights went down and the music started, my head was empty and I just became one with my camera, from that moment on I knew that impossible was nothing for me :). Since then, it’s been the greatest ride of my life with so many amazing memories of moments and great people I’ve met, three year that I learned and accomplished more than I was daring to dream.

Stephan Pelger - MBFWB AW12