201605 - H&M - FINAL - 04

Five Quality Years. H&M Super Bday

Five quality years! That’s the exact period since I started LIGHTAHOLIC.COM from my need to concentrate on the bright side of things. My life has radically changed. Through my project, I met so many nice and cool people, some of them are my good friends today. It may seem crazy, but in this five years I’ve seen the street fashion on the streets of Bucharest blooming, from “greyish” ordinary outfits to cool and trendy in just five years. I must say that this happy coincidence is due in a great measure also to the entry of H&M on the Romanian market. Romanians have learned that fashion can be affordable, they managed to be cool without spending a fortune. All they had to do was to express their personality. Nonetheless, LIGHTAHOLIC and H&M is a nice love story since we have met on so many cool projects that you can find on my website. The most recent honors me and, in the same time, it makes me wish so many things to happen from now on. If you thought it’s only from here that i’m smiling from, you’re wrong, we’ll see each other in the H&M stores from all over Romania in the next period together with all the other 24 extraordinary people involved in this project. Cheers to #hmsuperbday!




201605 - H&M - FINALeu - 04

Five Quality Years. Lightaholic For H&M Romania