A Star Between The Stars. Although it‘s been a while, I want to show you pictures from the Bucharest’s most expected party of the year, Viva, since Canon Romania honored me with the rare opportunity to test the Canon 5D MARK III. What better occasion than this could I find? Stars all over, evening gowns, color, glamour and the perfect occasion to test the camera’s strongest point: low light capability. So beware of all the captures, they are shot at ISO 12.800. We all know this is a huge advantage for every photographer who wants to be discrete, not to stress the subject with the blinding light of the strobe and none the less to capture as much as possible the original atmosphere of the event. Also, the photographer is privileged since less equipment is needed for the perfect image. So, I’ll let you guys enjoy some pictures of a perfect evening and decide whether you like the result. 

SImona Gherghe

Andreea Berecleanu

Carmen Bruma

Antena 3 and Antena 1

Dana Rogoz and Albertina Ionescu

Luana Danet Viva

Nadina Campean

Monica Petrica 2

Monica Petrica

Anamaria Stancu

Anamaria Morodan

Albertina Ionesccu

Diana Dumitrescu

Roxana Ionescu

Mirela Bucovicean

Luiza Bogdan

Edward Aninaru

Roxana Ionescu and Anca Ciota


Silivia Postolatiev and Dinna Doneanu

Don Arthur

Ioana Moldovan and Corina Barladeanu

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