We met again two years ago, after other two appart. It was in January 2012 when I was preparing for a trip at Berlin Fashion Week that probably changed my life. The moment I got back in Bucharest, I sold my old camera and changed everything back to Canon. Since then, I always relayed on my gear, never failed and never lost any picture. For me, as a photographer, the natural light or the available light is like the air that I breathe. With my Canon  I’m sure that in any light condition I can take a picture good enough to publish or print in order to get the job done and have the appreciation of my customers.

You are familliar with  Baneasa Shopping City that I was proud and honored to be a part of. Today, I’m happy and proud to launch the movie that I prepared with my team for the “Beautiful Living” project. I hope you will enjoy it and also I wish you live a beautiful life. Don’t forget to love and smile! 😉